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Renaissance Robotics 

Renaissance Robotics

Summer Training Sessions 2016

Tesla gurus are presenting JAVA training sessions using the following Modern Robotics Sensors: Touch, Color and IR

At the end of EACH session, your team will walk away with a program that you created or modified for a sensor on YOUR TEAM’s robot!!!!  

Our FTA will also present lessons learned to help teams perform their best.

In order to get all of this training into 4 short days, pre-homework and homework will be required. The sessions are two weeks apart to allow for time for teams to meet and complete their homework.

4 sessions repeated twice on different sides of town (UCF and Apopka) to keep the class size small and for your driving convenience.  Time for both sessions is 8:30 am - 3:30 pm.

Saturdays - session A

SATURDAYS - University of Central FL - ORLANDO


  • June 4 - class 1A
  • June 18 - class 2A
  • July 9 - class 3A
  • July 23 - class 4A

Sundays - session B

SUNDAYS - Forest Lake Academy - APOPKA


  • June 12 - class 1B
  • June 26 - class 2B
  • July 17 - class 3B
  • July 31 - class 4B

Please RSVP to Denny ([email protected] ASAP with your TEAM NUMBER, your preferred sessions (Saturdays or Sundays?),  Number of students, Number of adults, and Number of pushbots your team is bringing. We will reserve the seats for your team. First come; first served. Walk-ins are, of course, welcome if we have the room, but we can not guarantee seating.

Receipts - if you are coming from out of league, please make your teams $75 check payable to ASCE. If you need a receipt, please let us know beforehand, so we can print one up for you. We can not do this at class.

Pre-Session Homework

BELOW IS THE PRE-SESSION HOMEWORK that needs to be completed BEFORE class 1.

Each STUDENT must bring a laptop with the following free programs installed (these versions have recently been updated so please make sure you install the latest version.)

Allow 1 hour per laptop per program so 3 hours per laptop.

Each TEAM should bring a PRE-BUILT Pushbot with the following three sensors installed: TOUCH SENSOR and IR SENSORS (FRONT Center, facing forward), and the COLOR SENSOR (bottom facing the floor in the front of the robot). Teams will also need to bring their phones and gamepads to control the robot/pushbot. These sensors take time to order so please make sure you order them in time for the FIRST class session. If your team can build more than one pushbot, it is recommended that you do so, but not required. At the end of each learning presentation, students will create their own program and then take turns with their teammates to test on the team’s robot. Again, the robot/pushbot needs to be built before class so that the students can use the class and programming time to learn as much as possible rather than trying to catch up.

Instructions to Build the Pushbot:  (you do not need the upper arm)

Please plan 8 hours for your team to build the pushbot/robot and 4 hours to install the sensors on the pushbot.

Link to buy the sensors:

Extension wires are NOT REQUIRED for class, but makes mounting the sensors where you want them easier so if you can afford it, we suggest ordering.