Friends worth crossing centuries for.
FIRST Tech Challenge Team 5937
Apopka, Florida
Founded 2012

Renaissance Robotics 

Renaissance Robotics

Renaissance Robotics is an ASCE Team

2020-2021 Season Sponsors

Kingdom Sponsors - $1500+

Village Sponsors - $1000-$1,499

Blacksmith Workshop Sponsors - $500 - $999

Merchant Guild Sponsor - $250 - $499

Craft Guild Sponsors - $1 - $249

Wanda & William - for keeping us in tasty snacks for our roadtrips

Special Support

There are some forms of support that you simply can not place a monetary value on. Our parents, grandparents, coaches, mentors and ever present SIBLING SUPPORT STAFF are all valuable parts of our teams success. 

Apopka Attic is an online garage sale group that was founded by Renaissance Robotics as a way to make a little money by selling our stuff and give back to our community at the same time. The members of Apopka Attic have been a great support system for us. Everything from purchasing our items, donating items, making us COOKIES, and all the encouraging words are awesome. We never expected the site to be so popular, but we are thankful for the 17,900 plus members who are buying and selling on it.

There are also numerous people in the Renaissance Faire and reenactment communities that have supported our efforts. Several Celtic and Renaissance performers have graciously granted permission to use their music in our videos. We can not thank you all enough for the support and encouragement you provide.

Join our  Village!

A special request to our Central Florida community if you are interested in working with a fun group of teenagers, have a background in engineering, CAD or computer programming, or would like to provide another kind of mentoring, support or sponsorship, please let us know. It takes a village to build a robot! We would love to have you join our Renaissance Robotics team's support system.

Not local, but want to mentor us? We're grateful that you're willing to share your knowledge and experiences with us. We would love to email or skype with you! Please contact us.

Be sure to visit our webstore!

You'll find several great items there.