Friends worth crossing centuries for.
FIRST Tech Challenge Team 5937
Apopka, Florida
Founded 2012

Renaissance Robotics 

Renaissance Robotics

Sibling Support Staff

Our Sibling Support Staff - Aiden, Rowan and Sebastian. Plus, the honorary sibling who isn't actually related to any of us, Carlin. 

Since the very idea of Renaissance Robotics came up, we knew we wanted to include our younger siblings. Family is important to all of us. They are our biggest cheerleaders. They are MUCH more than just our cheerleaders, they are the future kids of Renaissance Robotics. They are the reason we have set the bar high and strive to be a good example of team work and Gracious Professionalism. Our sibling support staff looking up to us is a very good reason to work harder!

They just need to get a little older, so they can join the FTC team! 

We take every opportunity to include our sibling support staff. You'll see them training with us, helping at demonstrations and cheering from the stands. They are our pit crew in many ways. As a small way of thanking our invaluable sibling support staff, we mentor them and their friends on two different FIRST LEGO League teams - the homeschoolers of the BRICKschoolers team, and The Metal Insects from Casa Montessori School, plus their 4-H club - Apopka Robotics Club. 

Sibling Support Staff at Work

Our siblings are always helping us out. Demos, outreach, fundraising, finding parts, recording videos, taking pictures, cheering us on and collecting our trophies! They are the best support any team could ask for.

At the State Championship for the 2015-2016 season, one of us ended up sick a few hours before we were supposed to do our judging presentation. One of our younger siblings offered to learn the part and fill in. We scrambled to find a waiver and get her added  to the team at the last minute. She learned the needed parts and walked into the judges room with us. Thank you Sasha! You did awesome and made us proud!