Friends worth crossing centuries for.
FIRST Tech Challenge Team 5937
Apopka, Florida
Founded 2012

Renaissance Robotics 

Renaissance Robotics

About Renaissance Robotics

Renaissance Robotics is a truly inclusive and eclectic team and, as such, welcomes and values participation from people of different faiths, religions, lack of same, races, ethnicities, family composition, sexual orientation, gender identity, diets, vaccination status, abilities or disabilities, curriculum choices, learning styles and education styles. Renaissance Robotics is a community based team with the majority of members being current or previously homeschooled students.

FIRST Tech Challenge Team sizes are limited. 

What FIRST says:
Teams are made up of students, grades 7-12, who are ready to take on the challenges applying Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics concepts to robotics. Gather team members (FTC recommends a team size of about 10 students, with a limit of 15) from your school and/or community.  

At Renaissance Robotics we strive to have between 6 - 12 team members who share a desire to learn, work together, compete with Gracious Professionalism, and promote FIRST through community involvement and demos. So we dont have a complete team turnover in any year, we try to keep the teams ages balanced across three groups:

  • 16-17 year olds, High School Juniors & Seniors
  • 14-15 year olds, High School Freshmen & Sophomores
  • 12-13 year olds, Middle School 7th & 8th graders

 We believe it is important to find the right team for your family to be part of. Due to the amount of time teams spend together, it is very important to make sure all members have the same goals and expectations. This is why we do a trial period for approved applicants, so both Renaissance Robotics and interested families can make sure this team is the best fit for them. 

Renaissance Robotics has always encouraged and required strong family involvement. When we add a new team member, we are not just adding a single kid, we are adding that family. There are always numerous was family members can help mentor and support the team.

No previous knowledge is required. We will train you! All of us started at the beginning.

Team Details

  • Renaissance Robotics meets YEAR ROUND. Our year runs from May 1st - April 30th.

  • New member recruiting and training for the following year begins in May (or earlier!).

  • Team size is capped at 15 co-ed members.

  • All team members participate in each of the 5 workgroups. HANDS ON EXPERIENCE.

  • Team membership has remained stable. The majority remain with the team until they age out of the FIRST Tech Challenge program upon high school graduation.

FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics Season

Renaissance Robotics meets YEAR ROUND. Our year runs from May 1st - April 30th.

This is what a typical season with Renaissance Robotics looks like. Dates may vary slightly in any year.

May: TIMS Opens, returning and new team members will be able to register via SIMS

May - August: New member recruiting & trial period, IF spaces are still available, fundraising, community outreach camp, off-season events, intensive training program begins.

August - Continue training new members, pre-season preparations. A firm new member deadline is August 31st, we do not accept new members after this date.

Early - Mid September :  Season Kick-Off / Game Reveal. This year's game kick-off is September 14th, 2019.

September - October:  League training and practice days

November - December: Regular Season Qualifying Tournaments

January: Judgement Day and League Championship

February: State Championship: Renaissance Robotics has attended all 7 years we've been participating in FTC. Renaissance Robotics has also had one of the 4 Dean's List finalists for the state of Florida each of the 5 years that program has existed. (Morgan, Jesse, Rhiannon, Gwen, Frankie)

March: Super Regional Championship in ATHENS, GEORGIA: Renaissance Robotics has qualified for this event each year it has existed. Location changes every 3 years.

  • 2014 - 2016 - San Antonio, Texas
  • 2017 - 2019 - Athens, Georgia  - As of 2018-2019 season, this event no longer exists.

April: FIRST World Championship in HOUSTON, TEXAS: Renaissance Robotics attended for the first time in 2017.  FIRST Tech Challenge has grown so much,  that the World Championship event is now actually two events and renamed "FIRST Championship".

  • 2016 - St Louis, Missouri
  • 2017 -  St Louis, Missouri and Houston, Texas
  • 2018 - 2020 -  Houston, Texas and Detroit, Michigan

What is expected of our team members?

  1. Gracious Professional attitude from team members and families.
  2. Attend 90% or more of our regular Friday meetings & the twice monthly business meetings. We also have optional 2x a month Wednesday meetings, that can be used as make-up days if needed. The team will often schedule additional practices, especially near tournament dates.
  3. Attend 75% of our planned public demonstrations. Demos are often on week-ends.
  4. Attend 80% or more of our tournaments and judged events. These are typically held on week-ends. 
  5. Participate in our on-going training program to acquire the skills needed to help your team. This often includes self-directed homework.
  6. Participate in Fundraising activities.
  7. Have a role on EACH of the 5 Renaissance Robotics sub-teams - Robot, Strategy, Documentation, Financial and Outreach/Community Relations.
  8. Submit your Engineering Notebook Tasks and Reflections via Ryver each week.
  9. Follow all safety requirements to promote a safe, clean and organized work space at practice, tournaments and demos.
  10. Maintain contact with your team and coach through our dedicated email account, Ryver and a variety of other online methods.
  11. Participate in 5 or more of the 'not necessarily robotics related' contests, competitions and just for fun activities that are recommended.
  12. Learn something and HAVE FUN!